Thon Watch

How old is he? Can he play? Will he even be drafted? Is he the Dunkyard’s cult hero in waiting? *

24 June 2016

The Bucks TAKE THON MAKER!!! Holy crap. None of us care that our big boards are now even more fucked. This is big. That’s two Aussie lottery picks IN THE TOP 10. Bilas says that the Bucks really like the fact that he’s a 7 footer. What a mind. The Bucks fans in the crowd actually look happy. Bless them. Thon Watch just got relevant.

23 June 2016

Thon Watch gets an update courtesy of with this:

Why Toronto takes Thon Maker: Toronto likes length and athleticism and with International GM Masai Ujiri, Thon has both the African and Canadian connection. Maker could end up going higher, but his lack of experience and readiness might limit his draft ceiling. If Thon can add good weight and his legs hold up, he could end up being a steal at the end of the first round.

18 May 2016

Thon Watch begins here with this scouting report prepared by, which predicts him going at No. 28 in the draft (to Phoenix):

Thon is the draft’s ultimate wildcard as he gathered a lot of hype during his high school career. Is he a guy that peaked at 15 years of age? Is his listed age even legitimate? These questions must be at the very least considered.

A year in college may have been positive for his development, but it also may have exposed his weaknesses. Is he the ultimate sleeper or the ultimate tease? We tend to subscribe to the latter in terms of his outlook.

He’s a good kid, despite a general consensus that he has questionable advisement. To his credit he has shown a lot of resolve through everything. He moved to the US from Australia, then from a US high school to Canada, graduated last year without announcing it and then declared for the draft after saying he was 100% going to college. This entire scenario was actually quite predictable when you realize that every move has been made with the sole purpose of preserving the hype around him.

He did have a dominant NBPA camp last year, but was he even eligible to play there, and how much older actually is he than the kids that he was facing?

He hustles down the floor and will battle you for rebounds. And he shows face up potential with an adequate mid-range J. The main issue for him is his lack of body strength. He has a body that just cannot seem to add weight in a constructive basketball sense, in particular his lower body. There are major concerns about his body holding up, as his legs and hips are extremely stiff. He does not get much lift when he faces contact, and the added strength to his upperbody has noticeably slowed his mobility and explosiveness.

At one point, there was some unrealistic hype surrounding him with “best prospect in high school” being thrown around. Thon intrigues with his determination, length and skill level, but it would have been nice to see him actually prove it against legitimate competition, particularly since he has regressed and his development has stagnated. Thon figures to find a spot in the first round, but major question marks exist regarding his body holding up to the strength, speed and athleticism of the NBA. NBA Comparison: Chris McCullough.

Whether he’s dominating the D League or waving his towel, The Dunkyard will be watching. If you have a Thon tip, let us know.

In the meantime, here’s a mixtape:


(*) Answers: fuck knows, fuck knows, yes indeed (no. 10), most definitely.