No, He Doesn’t Doc

GM Doc is coach Doc’s worst nightmare:

Then there’s Paul Pierce, who will turn 39 shortly after training camp begins. The 17-time All-Star, who helped Rivers win an NBA title in Boston in 2008, is contemplating retirement after being mostly a nonfactor in his first season with the Clippers.

I think he has another season in him, but the whole key is where he wants to be, healthwise, and how he felt during the season. I can’t figure that one out,” Rivers said. “I mean, he’ll ask me what I think, but that’s a decision Paul’s going to have to make. I think that players thinking about retirement have to come to that conclusion themselves, because it’s so personal.”

Here is the truth (pun intended):


Last season was already one too many for Paul Pierce. His 18 minutes a game, 36.3% field goal percentage, 31.0% three point percentage and 8.29 PER need to go to someone else a lot more productive if the Clippers want to contend.