The 2016 NBA Draft All-Idiot Team

Here is this year’s all-idiot lineup of teams who won’t be drafting in the first round this year round due to brain flatulence:

  • Brooklyn – lost the no. 3 pick to Boston in the Garnett/Pierce trade. It’s ok, I’m sure they can still do something with the no. 55 pick.

  • Houston – traded the no. 15 pick to Denver in the Ty Lawson trade. This one gets extra kudos because the first round pick traded by Houston was top 14 protected (!) and would have conveyed as a pair of second round picks next year. I’m sure getting pummelled by the Warriors in the first round of the playoffs was worth it.
  • Dallas – traded the no. 16 pick in this year’s draft to Boston for Rajon Rondo (in 2015). Yeah.
  • Portland – traded the no. 19 pick to Denver for Aaron Afflalo (in 2015 – with some ancillary pupu flowing both ways) – before letting Afflalo walk away as a free agent 25 games later at the end of last season.

Something tells me I’ll have plenty of material to do this every year (PS: Miami’s 2021 first round pick sent to Phoenix in the Dragic trade is unprotected. Hmmm).

Coming soon: Lloydy and Dave’s 2016 NBA Draft Diary.