What Happened to This Kind of Competitiveness?

Over here at The Dunkyard, we love our NBA history.

Back in the day, superstars in their prime didn’t chicken out and join their friends when the going got tough. They got mad. They did everything they could to get better. No matter how many times they got beaten down, they kept coming back for more. They had to be the best or just about die trying.

The result was compelling basketball. Or, in other words, the exact opposite of what we just witnessed during the 2016-17 season.

What ever happened to this kind of attitude:

Enjoy your manufactured championship Kevin Durant. It’s worth about as much as one of Jud Buechler’s.

As for LeBron, who started this whole joke of a strategy, I’ll leave you to decide how much less his two championships in Miami are worth than the one he earned in Cleveland.

(H/T to reader Momo).