Introducing Jonah Bolden

Jonah Bolden (6’10”) is the son of NBL basketball legend Bruce Bolden (6’7”).

From 2:35 of this video you’ll see some of those light feet of Bolden Snr that appear to run in the family:

Unfortunately, at 2:15 of the same video, you’ll also see an example of Bruce’s paint play – which appears to fit in with what NBA Draft Net has to say about his son:

He really needs to add strength, especially on his upper body… Very good, but not an elite athlete… The fact that he needs room to gather before jumping can be a problem at the next level… He might play inside the system, but this could make him look passive at times on offense… He needs to learn when to step up for his team… His free throw shooting was bad in 2016/17 season (below 60%), which is kind of bizzare considering he was shooting in the low 40’s from 3-point range… He doesn’t go to the line as often as you would expect from a guy with his skillset… Has the tendency to settle for mid-range and long range shots instead of going all the way to the basket… Has problems creating his own shot against athletic defenders… Seems to prefer to Pop out after he sets a screen rather than Roll hard to the basket…. He doesn’t establish position in the Post and can’t really exploit any miss-matches… His Post game is just average and doesn’t have enough counter moves… At times he tries to do too much with his ball in his hands, either by forcing a difficult pass or make one more dribble than he should, which leads to turnovers… There are moments he puts his hands down when he tries to block a shot and as a result he commits bad fouls… Holds his ground in the post on Defense, but he can’t really contain strong, physical players… Can lose focus on defense, and be too concern looking at the ball… 

Either way, Jonah’s an Aussie and may well end up going in the second round of this year’s NBA draft. The Aussie 2020 Olympic basketball team is really starting to shape up nicely now. Time for a Jonah mixtape: