NBA Combined Score Predictions – 20 March 2017

With around a quarter of teams engaging in the league’s annual Tankapalooza, the combined score game is becoming very dangerous indeed (the sweet spot appears to from 15 games in until about 65 games). Consequently, this will be the last round of predictions until next season. Even the bookies are running scared – with two games not even on offer at the time of writing!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this season’s sneak preview. Here are the final predictions:

Utah @ Indiana

The Bookies say: 193

The Dunkyard says:

  • Last 15: 198.4 (over)
  • Full season: 202.5 (over)
  • Home vs away: 202.7 (over)


Despite featuring two teams that don’t exactly zoom the ball up and down the court, The Dunkyard’s metrics are all pointing to the over. With both teams still having plenty to play for and a healthy combined gap factor of 4.0%, it’s The Dunkyard’s final shoe-in for the season.

Philadelphia @ Orlando

The Bookies say: 210.5

The Dunkyard says:

  • Last 15: 213.0 (over)
  • Full season: 211.8 (over)
  • Home vs away: 206.4 (under)


The Dunkyard’s metrics don’t agree and it’s really hard to know what to make of Philly who are a somewhat impressive 6-9 in their last 15 games – for a team that would ordinarily be tanking, but isn’t because they’ve done it for the last 3 WHOLE SEASONS IN A ROW.

Meanwhile, Orlando is in full blown tanking mode and leaking points like there’s no tomorrow. If I had to bet, I’d go the over simply because there won’t be much defense on offer.

Atlanta @ Charlotte

The Bookies say: 203.5

The Dunkyard says:

  • Last 15: 205.5 (over)
  • Full season: 207.4 (over)
  • Home vs away: 205.9 (over)


Could there be two more uninspiring teams on offer? Atlanta has been playing with only one point guard on its entire roster for the whole season, is barely above .500 and headed squarely for a battle with Toronto to see who can be LeBron’s second round road kill this year. Meanwhile, Charlotte has regressed heavily this season and has little chance of making the playoffs (cut to Al Jefferson quietly nodding). Hooray!

In fact, the only exciting thing about this game is getting to cheer the over.

Washington @ Boston

The Bookies are so far running scared on this one.

Denver @ Houston

Given that these two teams may break the scoreboard with the way they’re playing at the moment, I’m not surprised the bookies haven’t set a number.

Golden State @ SeattleOklahoma

The Bookies say: 221

The Dunkyard says:

  • Last 15: 216.1 (under)
  • Full season: 216.6 (under)
  • Home vs away: 216.5 (under)



Without Durant around to inspire Westbrook to a 60-25-25 stat line, The Dunkyard’s metrics are all cooler than the bookies on the scoring, with a combined gap factor of 2.1%.

New York @ LA Clippers

The Bookies say: 215.5

The Dunkyard says:

  • Last 15: 211.1 (under)
  • Full season: 212.5 (under)
  • Home vs away: 210.6 (under)


With the Clippers’ season fast unraveling, a visit from the tanking Knicks should provide welcome relief.

Despite the unanimous verdict and an okay gap factor of 1.9%, The Dunkyard’s metrics regrettably don’t have a tank-factor built in yet, so it’s probably best to stay away from this one. The odds of the Knicks playing anything resembling defense are 50/50 at best – and the Clippers haven’t been much better, ranking 18th on overall on defense for the season.