If you ever find yourself in Dubrovnik, then you absolutely have to go here and shoot some hoops:


Lloydy and Dave live in a location where the NBA draft commences at 7.30am on a Friday morning. For the past three years, it’s been a perfect reason for them to take the day off, commence proceedings with a whiskey and dry (or two) and watch the NBA draft with their big boards in hand. This year, they’re joined by Disco Stu (and his big board) and take you along for the ride with their very first NBA draft diary.

The process is simple (for a three person game): if someone predicts a pick right, and the others don’t, they each drink a double shot of a 40% liquor of their choice. If two predict right while the other doesn’t, the loser drinks double that.

Is there really anything you’d rather be doing at 7.30am? Enjoy.

Kevin Durant has decided to wuss out and join the enemy. He must think that a manufactured title is better than no title – just look at Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing and Karl Malone (who joined the enemy too late).

The sad thing is that Durant could easily have won it all right where he was and been the best player on a championship team. It is now highly unlikely that this will ever happen in his career. If he’s lucky, he’ll go down as one of the best championship second bananas of all time.

Make no mistake, Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals was always going to be (and will always be) the biggest and most important game of LeBron’s career. The difference this one game has made to LeBron’s legacy is off the charts and you’ll be hard pressed to find another single game that has ever had so much riding on it for a player’s career.

Around half way into this season, I’d seen enough and declared that Chicago’s problems stemmed largely from giving Derek Rose 32 minutes a game:

While it’s terribly sad to say, the fact is that nothing even remotely close to ‘MVP Derek Rose’, let alone ‘competent starting point guard Derek Rose’ is ever coming back. Just ask Penny Hardaway. While it’s not all Rose’s fault, the sooner they move him aside – and get cranking with Jimmytime – the better the team will be.