Why is Robert Covington Being Booed by His Own Fans?

For those not aware, the 76ers’ Robert Covington has been relentlessly booed during home games by Philadelphia’s fans over the last month. The apparent reason for this is that he is shooting poorly. Any time he strings together a few misses, the boos will start and it was no different during today’s game against Minnesota.

There is no doubt that Covington is struggling this season, posting a true shooting percentage of 47.5% (ranked 306th out of 334 qualified players overall) and a PER of 9.9.

However, enough is enough.

To the idiots booing Covington:

  • Covington may not be the most talented NBA player going around, but he always tries. At various times over the two seasons before this one, he’s been a massive part of the fine line between your team and an average D-league outfit (posting PERs of 14.7 and 13.2). You should greatly appreciate this for as long as you care about the 76ers.
  • Are you aware that Dario Saric currently has a true shooting percentage of 48.8% and a PER of 10.1? Why aren’t you booing him?
  • Are you also aware that TJ McConnell currently has a true shooting percentage of 48.4% and a PER of 12.0. So why aren’t you booing his bricks?
  • Did you know that Luol Deng (46.9%, 309th), Dirk Nowitzki (46.7, 311th), Andrew Bogut (44.5%, 321st), Kent Bazemore (44.3%, 322nd) and Justise Winslow (39.7%, 331st) – just to name a few – are all shooting worse than Covington and are not getting booed by their fans.
  • Did it ever occur to you that 30 games is a very small sample size when it comes to shooting?

Today, Covington had the last laugh as he hit the game winner – in a game in which the 76ers had been up by 26 during the third quarter. I can only hope that those who have been booing Covington take stock of this and are suitably ashamed of themselves. I wonder how many of those cheering at the end were booing him five minutes earlier?