Kobe pulls 7 threes out of his ass

ESPN called it a ‘vintage performance‘. However, when you’re a 33% career three point shooter – and shooting 27.3% on threes and 35.3% overall on the current season – different conclusions come to mind.

PS: yes, I’m aware the Kobe shares the NBA record – with Donyell Marshall (!) – for most threes in a game (12), but that was 13 years ago when Kobe was shooting a career best 38.3% from outside – and it probably still came out of his ass then anyway.

PPS: Kobe has shot better than 35% from three point range four times in his 20 seasons.

Either way, today was awesome to watch. Without Kobe’s 38 and game-icing jumper, the Lakers losing streak would be sitting at 11 today. Enjoy!